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price changes $185 pls shipping.  
Mizuno MX-25's with R300 shafts, 4-GW Let me know..   $200 pp gifted/shipped obo for all of them.   thanks Pete
Great quote from Merry Mex to I think it was Johnny Miller about playing the ball off the deck in the tee box "it's the only advantage this game gives you kid, why would you take it away?" or something along those lines.. Plus I had a local pro say that to a buddy of mine more or less.. he said it's not like your hitting a 1 iron you know. P
Just remember it's not a driver, meaning don't set up with it off your front foot. Depending on your swing the 3wd should be off the inside heel and you don't need to tee it up super high either. I've been playing mostly 3 wood off the tee (except for saturdays round where I him a new 907D2 I just got). Also, remember Tempo don't try to kill it or you'll end up really getting aggro! Anyways, I have an older Titleist 3wd that I freaking love, I can only image how the...
I utilize my flop shot every chance i get and this sounds like a perfect time to pull "Excaliber" from the bag and stick it like a lawn dart! Of course I 4 putt from there but hey great flop shot (i'm at about 90% when it comes to my wedge game 90% very good 10% oh s**t!).. 0-P
Oh yeah, I'm 100% pulling for Bubba.. .I just like that cat! Others I'd like to see win, Lee Westwwod, Philly of course, and Furyk simply because he's a fellow Steelers fan :) LOL and we need to have something to celbrate! LOL -P
Sale, Trade, make me an offer.. FT-5 Tour Neutral 8.5* (barely used, I had a 9.5 that cracked and they sent me this as a replacement 4-6 rounds maybe) with Aldila NV Stiff. $135 w/ cover (looking for Titliest 907D2 9.5* and well other stuff let's here it) ..I have a few other things to throw in to try to make a deal work if possible. Thanks -P
I have a Nike CPR hybrid if you're interested. P
Deal is completed, thanks Jhawker.. great guy to do business with. P
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