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Spin Axis will be larger than it would be with the same face/path numbers on a "centered" strike.
Most shots, especially with the driver, will have some gear effect. The center of gravity location is small. Also, the cog isn't necessarily in the exact center of the head. So, as you said, only if you know where on the face impact occurred, do you have a chance to diagnose by ball flight. Also, with TrackMan, the face angle readings are going to be more negative on heel side impact and more positive on toe impact than it would be on the same swing with center impact...
Having trouble with the link, but apparently flightscope and swingbyte are going to partner up. Could be interesting.
Ok. Never mind. I'm  late to the response as usual.
Iacas, I agree. I'm not arguing for my wrong answer. Just thought it was an interesting tidbit and, unfortunately, where my mind was at the time.   Birly, I've gone over it a few times and agree that it has more to do with friction than the spin loft. All I can figure is there ideal angle of the club face at impact to generate the most friction, as Iacas said around 45*. And, this is easiest to attain for most people by using a less lofted wedge vs a lob wedge.
Have you seen Andrew Rice's findings with chipping and pitching where more spin is generated by actually narrowing the spin loft? Thanks for posting this quiz. Always good to think about certain information that you might take for granted or assume you know when you might not.
  When the golf club hits the golf ball, what's required for the ball to go up in the air? Positive loft applied at or below the ball's CoG.   In a properly struck golf shot, what does the divot tell you? Not much. You can have a divot going to the left and still hit a push draw (for a righty).   What primarily determines the starting direction of the golf ball? Face angle.   Can you actually compress a golf ball? By definition, possibly slightly....
Some factors would be swing speed, angle of attack, type of shaft and where on the face you hit it. If you hit down on it slighly and/or have a slower swing speed, more loft would be better.
You should post both swings for comparison. And, its either a TrackMan or it isn't. There are a lot of launch monitors that can give screwy readings, especially clubhead speed. Also, even if you both swing at the same speed, there are a number of factors that can allow him to hit it much farther than you.  
New Posts  All Forums: