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Eyad, you are clearly in great hands. But, I would be happy to take a look. Just let me know when would work for you. - Joe
  The red circle is where your head is at address. Your upper body shouldn't move forward with your lower body. By keeping your head steady, you will add some upper body tilt (secondary axis tilt) when your lower body shifts forward. This may help lessen the amount you swing from outside to in. I would also think about moving your body and ball position slightly more forward. It looks like the ball position is in the middle of your stance, which is back for what looks...
Camera angles are tough to get too specific. If possible, try to get it a little higher and inline with your hands. I would start by checking out this thread regarding your set-up... http://thesandtrap.com/t/56069/good-golf-posture-how-to-address-the-golf-ball   This may clean up some things without thinking about them.
Should post a video in the Member Swings forum.
iacas is correct re: getting your arms down faster. You also need to get your shoulders rotating more around your spine angle in the downswing. In other words, the trail shoulder works down and out during the downswing. You have too much down and not enough out. This leads to attacking the ball too much from the inside and fat shots, pushes, & hooks.To work on this, you may need to feel like you are swinging "over the top."     Compare shoulder alignments and levels.
I think A7 would be up there.
Something is causing your head to raise. A video would be good.
Many courses on the cape will stay open. The mid-cape towns with two courses usually keep one open. 
I assume you mean Key #2. For OP, you do need to feel a forward lateral shifting of the hips towards the target before you feel the rotation kick in. When I hear fire the hips, I think rotation. Maybe its just me. If this happens without the lateral, your weight won't get far enough forward and may even fall back. 
It is tough with the lighting. It looks like your weight is toward your heels at address. This may lead to your head moving down and toward the ball on your backswing. Then on your downswing, you have to create room and pull your head away from the ball. Check out the above link and look at Key #1 for starters. Looks good for just starting. 
New Posts  All Forums: