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I think A7 would be up there.
Something is causing your head to raise. A video would be good.
Many courses on the cape will stay open. The mid-cape towns with two courses usually keep one open. 
I assume you mean Key #2. For OP, you do need to feel a forward lateral shifting of the hips towards the target before you feel the rotation kick in. When I hear fire the hips, I think rotation. Maybe its just me. If this happens without the lateral, your weight won't get far enough forward and may even fall back. 
It is tough with the lighting. It looks like your weight is toward your heels at address. This may lead to your head moving down and toward the ball on your backswing. Then on your downswing, you have to create room and pull your head away from the ball. Check out the above link and look at Key #1 for starters. Looks good for just starting. 
Spin Axis will be larger than it would be with the same face/path numbers on a "centered" strike.
Most shots, especially with the driver, will have some gear effect. The center of gravity location is small. Also, the cog isn't necessarily in the exact center of the head. So, as you said, only if you know where on the face impact occurred, do you have a chance to diagnose by ball flight. Also, with TrackMan, the face angle readings are going to be more negative on heel side impact and more positive on toe impact than it would be on the same swing with center impact...
Having trouble with the link, but apparently flightscope and swingbyte are going to partner up. Could be interesting.
Ok. Never mind. I'm  late to the response as usual.
Iacas, I agree. I'm not arguing for my wrong answer. Just thought it was an interesting tidbit and, unfortunately, where my mind was at the time.   Birly, I've gone over it a few times and agree that it has more to do with friction than the spin loft. All I can figure is there ideal angle of the club face at impact to generate the most friction, as Iacas said around 45*. And, this is easiest to attain for most people by using a less lofted wedge vs a lob wedge.
New Posts  All Forums: