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r7 tp!!!! one word... amazing
I also agree with the ping eye 2's considering i use them.. they are amazing.. and i got mine for 150$ that was with shipping too.. they were practically brand new
what is the degree of your PW? If you go with the 4 wood I would look at adding 2 more wedges to get you to 14 clubs. A Gap and a lob wedge. Depending on your loft of your PW will depend on the loft of your wedges. Its good to have the same numbers of loft between each club
I'm guessing its ping right?
I would look at adding a 3 wood or a 4 wood if you have trouble hitting 3 woods. Then if you go with a 3 wood I would look at adding a 5 wood. If you go for a 4 wood I would add another wedge. That should get you to your 14 clubs.
in the sig. but in the next year or 2 i'm looking at getting a new 7 wood and a new putter. Maybe even a new hybrid or 2.
I would go with ping eye 2's you can get them for $250 or less. Amazing irons, durable, forgiving, and everything else. They are still some of the best irons, but alot cheaper. I would get a set from ebay asap.
do you use ebay? if so.. I would look at the ping eye 2's... amazing irons... some of the best in the game and they are about 20 years old. They are indestructable. I got a set for $130 with $20 shipping
you can get the taylormade r5 dual for about 80 american dollars at the highest on ebay. You can also get the 904f for about the same price on ebay.
the superquad is amazing!! i use the 425 and i love it... but yesterday i went to dicks sporting goods and tried out the superquad on the launch moniter. My distance was only about 10 yards longer, but all my shots went to about the same place (slight draw). Where with the 425 they can be a draw, fade, or straight. so it was awesome
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