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This is a set of the Mizuno MP-58 irons. 5 iron through PW. Six clubs total. The shafts are soft step R flex True Temper Dynamic Gold SL. The grips are Winn Xi7 standard size. Lie and length of the clubs are standard Mizuno. I bought these a little over a year ago so they only have one season on them. They are in very good condition with just a little bag chatter. The PW does have a nick in the sole.  Note I bought these irons at Miles of Golf in Ypsilanti. They are...
These are great. Thanks for the link!
I'm flying out this weekend to the BCS National Championship game in Glendale, AZ. We'll be staying in Tempe. We're looking to play a round while out there.   Can you recommend a course with a reasonable price?   We'll also need to rent clubs. If you know of a local pro shop that rents that would be great. I know courses usually have sets but my experience is that they're generally pretty poor.   Thanks!
Agreed. Most people have no idea what to look for even if they see a video of their swing. I visit the range probably 1-2 times per week. I rarely see anyone filming. I've been taking video of myself pretty consistently for about three years now. I love it. I still do struggle sometimes with what I'm looking at but I enjoy it.
Thanks! I finally came across that. Surprised they don't put that on the label
I bought some high density lead tape from Golfsmith. It's 1/2" version. I don't have a scale at home and am trying to determine how many grams 1" is equal to. I've searched on line and have seen a variety of responses. Anyone here know?
That's awesome that you caddy there. The staff was great. I would love to play again with a caddy. Due to the event, we all had carts. Couple of oddities I noticed was how they have no signs for what hole you're on. The cart paths didn't exactly lead to the next whole sometimes. Also noticed they had no trash cans on any of the holes. Not a complaint, just and oddity.I had a blast. I think if you go in having the mind set that you're probably not going to shoot better...
I played I think a Top Flite a couple weeks back at twilight since I was having trouble seeing the ball. Worked great. I still keep it in my bag.
We certainly didn't win. They had kind of a weird scoring system that I couldn't quite follow. We didn't have a single birdie in the group. I play at a 14 hcp and one of my other partners is about an 8. The other two guys were 20+. I drove the ball pretty well but struggled with my irons. I shot a 93 using the format above. I really only had one melt down putting wise on #18.
I had the opportunity to play Oakland Hills South course yesterday. I was obviously really excited to be playing such a legendary course. The round was a fund raiser for the Detroit YMCA. The format as a shotgun start and a modified best ball. We'd all tee off and the pick the best drive and then play our own ball out from there. Two best scores were totaled. My impressions of the course The condition of the course was spectacular. Very green and the sand was very...
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