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Bubba Watson -12Angel Cabrera -9Jimmy Walker -14
"If I Win I'll choose the (dtx midsize blue) to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage!".
I was B_Fit for B330 Bridgestone golf balls. McIlroy -13 Scott -9 Fowler -8
They are good wedges. At first, I did hit a few of my partial wedge shot fat, but after that, they are great. I just had to be more aggressive with it. Mine are with Rifle 6.0's in my 51º & 56º, and a Rifle Spinner in the 60º
I read where you were meticulous on choosing wedges. Were you the same with the irons? Was the fitting over the phone with Ari or in person. Was it closer to $1000 or $600?
I play the MP-T in G,S, &L. The two things I had to adjust to was that the bounce was lower, and the different grind compared to what I had before (Srixon WG-704, which were great wedges by the way.) Sorry, I have no clue about the Vokeys.
Hopefully, I can practice more next month.
I practice more, up until this winter. Now I just play. It is really the situation that I am in that dictates it. I love to practice. Just playing has hurt my short game believe it or not.
The G2 is good, but I have the Karsten. That plastic piece on the back covers the real material that makes the sound/feel real soft. They decided to put it on the back of the blade instead of the front to get what they have always had in non-insert putters, but made them softer-feeling. I hope I did not confuse you.
In TN, I just make myself go out there and play. Today was supposed to get to 41º, but it never made it. I got in nine after church, by myself, played bad, and putted until the sun went down. This winter I'm just going to play alot to see if the start of spring will bring me some low scores. I'll start practicing in March.
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