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It is rumored to place one black colored ball in a box. You would be surprised how many think they can go buy a dozen black colored Nike One Black balls, right now. That was my main point. Chicago Tribune wrote a blurp about it today. Not sure if the link will work or if you will have to register to view it. Title is "Expect this development to be black-balled" ending with "Thankfully, this isn't the start of a new...
Just a FYI the balls are not black in color that are being sold to the public. The NIKE ONE BLACK and the NIKE ONE GOLD are white colored balls. Y'all knew that right? On the sports radio station that I listen to the TEEBOX hosts were talking about playing with a black ball. So it seems some might not know the true color. Nike has a great marketing ploy by having Nike using Tour Pros using the NIKE ONE BLACK, colored black, on the 16th at the FBR Open. However,...
Congratulations!!!! Jeff and family.
Thanks for the Welcome!!
Oh dear there are so many reasons, let me see if I can name a few 10. men 9. great outdoors 8. fresh air 7. men 6. nice clothes 5. grass between my toes (rough,18th green,TPC Los Colinas) 4. men 3. vacations to awesome courses 2. that nice sound when the ball goes in the cup 1. men
I am a golf fanatic. I look forward to many enjoyable hours participating in this forum.
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