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Impossible. PGA Tour pros don't pure the ball 98% of the time. Nice sticks, though
Even though it's going to cost a good amount more, I think, until a reasonable system is in place to verify ala Ping, that I will be buying retail. *GASP*
A) No. B) if two perfect shots back-to-back will get you there and that happens once every, say, 50 times you play a par 5, is it intellectually honest to say you can do it?I play a lot of golf and I play with some very good golfers, low single-digits to plus handicaps, and putts for eagle are rare. To say that as many people can get there then would be a wedge away after two good shots (as this poll would suggest) is borderline ridiculous.
You would be insane to go the MB's having just started playing this year... this discussion comes up over and over again on these boards. Yes, a wildly over-active ego is also involved.
I've almost decided never to buy off eBay again. It's just getting more and more questionable what's real and what's not, and it's not worth saving money but not knowing...
by two shots...
Haven't heard about that one... do share
Absolutely Tiger. He could probably carry his staff bag and still throw down.
Don't ask...
I saw that shot, hybrid from about 205 if I remember correctly.
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