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81.  My best round ever.  11 pars, 2 doubles, 5 bogeys.
I surely need a consistent pre-shot routine.  I appreciate the replies and I'll take a look at "Zen Golf".
Basically, I have a couple of groups I play with where my game just falls apart.   I play 75% of the time as a single and even though I'll get paired with strangers a good bit of the time, I'm able to focus on my game and play fairly well.   When I play with the relatives or with the work buddies, it turns into a 'smoke and joke' fest and my 82 can turn in to 102.  It drives me nuts but I can't seem to shake it.   It's not pressure to do well or getting...
Like many, I fought a big slice for years.  One day I just decided to learn how to hook the ball.  Once I could feel how to make the ball move I could straighten out my flight and picked-up yardage.   My advice is to take a few lessons.  You can struggle with your swing for years (I know I did) waiting for a eureka moment, or try to learn good fundamentals early and make the game much more enjoyable.
I've tried watching this Open for the last couple of days, but it's a snooze fest.  The leaders don't have any personality to speak of, and after watching the beat down at Merion, the course they're playing looks like it's set up about as hard as a local muni.  The greens are slow, the fairways are huge.   It will be interesting to watch the women play Pinehurst #2 next year right after the men's Open.  They'll obviously be moved up quite a bit, but hopefully the...
I have the 910f with the ahina and it's a great combo.  Nice flight for me and a stable shaft with a bit of weight.  Of course, with surefit you can dial the loft up or down a bit to suit you.  I did not like the feel of the 910 fd at all.   It's what ever floats your particular boat.  
I used to like the D2 Feel and the Gamer V2, but haven't purchased any since Dicks bought the brand.  Do the balls feel / preform the same?
Got it.  Thanks again.  
Appreciate the reply, but even the Titleist website shows the bottom picture as their example of the 710.   http://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/irons/AP1-710.aspx   I haven't been able to find anything via web search on 2 versions of this iron.  
I'm looking at pictures of the 710 AP1's and there seem to be two versions.  Were these irons revised mid life cycle?  Is one better than the other?  Thanks for the help.  
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