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they do that if they sell under the Minimum set price by Ping but they can have them on sale if they stay over that mark
I've seen vokeys on sale before, it was several weeks ago, I gt in the proshop and they were about 25% off, that might have been end of season liquidation thought
It is not face balanced, the face sits at about 45 degrees. I have one, didn't use it on the course all that much but really like the feel and distance control I had with it...I did have a few putts were I did hit the ground before the ball, probably cause I'm more used the a plumber's neck, mine has a 350g head(it was originally 33") so it felt a bit heavy to me as I'm used to 330g heads...I really liked it tought
Studio Style 35"/330g RedX3 35"/350g and got an all original sole stamp Newport TeI3 in the mail
well I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that as I know for a fact that a whole bunch of people won't touch a scotty with an aftermarket finish with a 10 foot pole...
I agree that if it's only for a paintfill job you should do it yourself, but having an aftermarket finish done on your putter will probably cut at least half of the potential buyers if you ever think about selling it, same thing can be said for the stamping
ask for a picture of the face
Send it to the Custom Shop, especially if you ever intend to even think about selling it, and personally I'd get it back to original paintfill and finish
Glad you had fun in Montreal
Thanks Alot StoneCutter, I'll definitly consider looking at County Louth and Headford....rain gear was pretty much the first thing I bought in preparation for the trip, even before my travel case...I'm starting to think that I should definitly have stayed longer there seems to be so many great courses cant wait to be there in a few days :)
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