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Any more updates on this... It seems like a nice setup.
I was smiling on the inside!   Did I mention how civilized the game was, not a single F bomb all day, quite a feat considering the scoring. 
I had a great time and set a new personal record... penalties on 9 of 18 holes! The aerated greens didn't seem to hurt the putting to much (35 putts) but it really screwed up my drives.    Erik, we discussed 5sk and concluded we need at least 6.       .
Stroke play is fine with me.  I have only played once this season so who knows what I will do!  LOL
Sorry I have been a little out of touch lately.   If you still have room I can play Sunday.
I am in Howard County.
Thanks for the invite to the group.   I would be up for if I can get away. 
LOL  not mean!  Your name didn't come out so well in that test anyway!
Hi Everyone,   A customer asked about a repair tool that would use the same logo I had done for him on one of the 1.25" ball markers.  I decided to mess around in the drawing program and it dawned on me that if I made the upper end of the repair tool the same diameter as the ball markers it would fit into my ball mark fixture plate.   As a result I came up with two simple repair tools with enough space for logo's or other engravings.  One style is just the repair tool...
Thanks Dave
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