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That's some tough luck, but at least you know it's not really your fault. I've really been thinking about building a set of irons. I'm scared to death something like this will happen. Thanks for posting about it and the update.
I've ordered a few things from GPP, through their site and on eBay. All my experiences with them have been great.
I get that. A little sententiousness never hurt anybody, but why is it that "prick" and "Milton Friedman" so often share conversational space?
And one more item (goodness, this workday is slow): she's going to have to make more birdies today. The online leaderboard has the projected cut at E, but you gotta think that's going to get a little lower. I'd bet she's in for sure if she shoots 69, probably if she shoots 70, and gonna need some help if she shoots 71.
Well, it's not the all-star team or anything, but consider this: among the players on that list there are at least 24 PGA Tour wins, 326 PGA Tour top tens, and 17 Nationwide Tour Wins. And a major champion. Of course, guys like Duval Williamson, and Maggert skew this rather silly stat (and I didn't count everyone, just fairly noticeable names), but it's not like this field is just a bunch of pretty good players from around Nevada.
For obvious reasons, we tend to focus discussions about Michelle Wie on issues of gender and/or hype. But Iacas's insistence (in the other Wie thread) that the haters wait ten years or so before making ultimate judgments about her decisions and career trajectory reminded me - SHE'S 18! I guess it seems like she's been around for so long (and she has), she ought to be older. Anyway, if she were to make the cut or really even be around the cut line this evening,...
Not sure of this, but I don't think she qualified for the British Open, that's why she's playing in Nevada. +1 and T77 after the first round. Solid, I think. I hope she does it again tomorrow and makes the cut. How sad/ridiculous/funny would it be if she makes the cut but doesn't get to play on the weekend because of the new rule? Also, I wonder what the response will be from the LPGA players and personnel if she makes the cut.
OK, friends, I need some help. I've never been fitted for a driver or driver shaft, and I'm going to get on a launch monitor this weekend. I don't want a new driver, but I am curious about my launch monitor numbers and am considering a heavier shaft. What sorts of numbers or launch characteristics do I look for? Based on a launch monitor "fitting" (quotation marks because it wasn't so much a fitting as having a kid at the PGA TOUR Superstore track results) I did...
I nearly fell out of my cubicle laughing at this... but I don't think it's gonna work! I read that quote this morning. The guy plays a lot of golf. With apologies to the fourteen year-olds on the forum, why must he so often sound like a fourteen year-old? Supposedly, the presidential handicap is around 15. One article I read also noted that he takes very few mulligans and is mildly fastidious about keeping an accurate score! Also, he's possibly a fan of that crazy...
I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered a number of times. I couldn't find a thread on it. I guess I've always assumed that a person playing from back-most tees always has the (tacit) honor, but I'm starting to wonder if that's the case. By (tacit) honor, I think I mean that the round is generally informal and a sort of modified/courteous/attentive version of ready golf pertains - low score off the tee, no quibbling about who plays first on approach or a...
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