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The aim is to name the game given by a pictorial clue. First to guess 30 right becomes the winner. So far I've only got 20 right. So see wat u can do and beat my score!!
you've never heard of the veronicas? Neither have I until they were constantly being played on the radio. My girl friend is a fan of their music and i am taking her to their concert in december. I will need to drink lots to actually enjoy it or i will fall asleep. So you've never even heard ANY of their music?
Anyone a fan of the Veronicas? I used to dislike the band as i am not a fan of their music but my sister is always playing their album on the cd player and somehow its has just sort of just grown on me. Anyways, on their website http://www.theveronicas.com.au/ there's a guitar on there. Any guitarist here? I am not a guitar expert but is that a fender stratocaster?
rott weiller are a definite yes for me.
nice work.
ralph lauren polo or lacoste, levis jeans, or adidas pants.
i used to drink 6 cups of coffee a day too but had to cut down as my hands started to become a little shaky from all the caffeine
hey but that cost money, and my game doesn't ...infact u gain money...well for a few seconds anyway before its transfer to your charity
What online golf games do you play?? Im currently playing this xbox game called 'redvsblues'. You try to hit as close to the green and the closer you are, the more money xbox donates to the charity you choose! See you can have fun and do chairty at the same time
vb and tsing tao beer!
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