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Are you a member of one of the Crown courses?? St Mellion is definately one of the courses I need to play, quite a few from my club have gone and said how hard they find it.... they are a bit wild off the tee though haha
Well remember Foley doesn't teach Stack and Tilt, he likes to see the swing stay centered on the backswing and then move laterally on the down swing, similar to S&T but different
Wie is working with Ballard, they have to say shes working with Leadbetter because he is her management companies 'head coach'
Royal Lytham Golf Club, which has hosted The Open starts with a par 3.
Learning to control/shape/work the ball is just as important as learning to swing correctly imo. As Iacas said earlier trying to work the ball on every shot helps to clear your mind of technical thoughts, its near impossible to play well consistently thinking about technique. Learning to shape the ball and forget technique on the golf course is helping me to take my game to the next level at the moment. It is worth remembering that, at any level shaping shots...
So the degree of improved control is noticable? Is the difference in forgiveness significant, or is a miss hit much of a muchness once you start getting down to blade/shallow cavity long irons?
Cheers for reminding me im having a read through it all now. It all seems a bit yeh blades arnt hard to hit at all or blades are to hard for anybody to hit, ever. period. I'm looking for direct comparisions between the workablity and forgiveness benifits of blades and cavity backs in the long irons, which isnt covered as such in that thread (unless I havnt got to that page yet :-p )
In a magazine article a few months back a European tour pro played all of an 18 handicappers shots from inside 100 yards, the 18 handicapper played all the shots from outside 100 yards, im pretty sure the score in the end was around level. I know its hardly a groundbreaking story but it goes to show how important the short game is!
I am currently looking for a new set of irons as believe it or not my Hogans are startin to wear a bit on the sweet spot. Now my question is, as someone who has never had bladed long irons before, exactly how much forgiveness are you losing when compared to a players cavity back (for arguments sake, imagine the Callaway X Prototype compared to the X Forged) and how does this relate to the ball flight? I am a good ball striker, but also realistic enough to know that...
I play a 2 iron, would I recommend it to 90% of players? probably not. The truth is if your good enough to use a 2 iron you can probably hit the same shots with your 3 iron anyway. I have found that I come unstuck with the 2 iron when I have somthing like a 220 yard carry over something, an awkward distance to take 30 yards off a 3 wood but too long to consistantly have a go with the 2 iron. Hybrids are the way forward.
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