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Thanks for the comments! As for goals... I don't have any new goals for right now. I'm gonna try to do it again, but I don't expect that to happen anytime soon. This was actually something I've been working towards for the past two to three years. Not easy for me at all. Had to sink a breaking six footer for par on the 18th to make it happen. I've never looked at a putt from that many angles...
I've played golf for about 20 yrs (I'm 36) and finally shot even par for the first time ever today. 4 birdies, 4 bogeys. You may "putt for dough", but my driver set me up for success today. This is something I've worked towards for a long time and I've often wondered if I'd ever get there. Feels awesome!
Even if she does turn her career around, she's not gaining many friends among her peers (or fans) with the lack of class she's displayed over the past year. I think she needs to "grow up" a bit - maybe college will help.
Nice to see some MD people! I just joined because (like you) I'm always thinking/talking golf. I used to play Rocky Point all the time, but I don't know how much I'll be going from now on. One word: mosquitos. I guess since it's starting to cool down I won't have to worry about it so much, but they kill me every single time I go there.
345 yds at Carolina Shores this past August on a Par 4. The ball rolled quite far before coming to rest 10 yds left of the center of the green. I can consistantly hit around 300 yds when I'm hitting the ball well. I've driven several par 4 greens, but I've never gotten an eagle out of it!
I play a TaylorMade R7 425cc 9.5 degree with an x-stiff shaft. I've tried the Sumo, Cobra, and the Rapture, but the TaylorMade is my fav. The Superquad looks really cool, but I haven't tried it yet.
I played last Monday at Piney Branch (a private course in Hampstead, Maryland) I found the course to be very difficult due to drastic elevation changes and fast greens. I had back-to-back great shots that I'll talk about for a while - or at least until my buddies tell me to shut up. First was a 25 foot sidehill putt that broke about 10 feet. Right in the center of the cup for birdie! Next, a 168 yd uphill par 3 to a pin placed just beyond a deep trap. Hit a...
I agree. Strange, but I have an easier time hitting a 3-iron than a hybrid.
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