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Play what you like and what you can hit best....Hybrid or no hybrid. I like 4i better than hybrid, but 3iron is good in driving range, but not on course under pressure. I've been struggling with hybrid until I found Callaway X-hybrid (2008) in steel shaft that gives me same swing sensation with the rest of irons, and I can hit well. Don't worry who carries what...just find out what works best for you consistently.
I would get 3i and find out how it works for him, since 3i is between 4W (and 5W) and 24 degree hybrid which is little longer distance than 4i. One thing you may want to consider.....I recently replaced my wood and hybrid in steel shaft as I have much better trajectory and control in steel.
We all need a driver or two or many. My recent frequent slice and hook have made me mad, working on longer driving makes me tense.
If you hit it about ~220-260 yard with a driver and find your ball on non-fairway often, and 3W for ~200-220 on fairway most of time from the tee, why do amateur, most of us anyway, need a driver….is that a ego thing? My 3W tee shot makes straight pretty much every time. My driver may make it 50 yard longer but not necessarily straight every time. Your drive may be not-so-long or not-so-straight, and this may cost extra shot. Is it still worth struggling with driver?...
Golf club is "consumable".....nothing wrong with keep buying and trading them.
I started with MP52 when I was >20 handcapper. Main reason I insisted on is the feel I had with a good shot that I believe taught myself to keep good swings.
Bought a Ping 15* hybrid.
Wondering how you can survive until you get decent prize money to support various expenses.
If I had to force 6 iron, I will feel pressure and may make mistake. Easy swing with 5 will do it better for me.
If you are happy with your 3i, add 18 degree hybrid and add 3 wood to fill the gap from driver. I would sand wedge. After that either gap or lob wedge. You can consider to replace your 3i or even 4i with hybrid (~21* and ~24*) to add utility from difficult lie.
New Posts  All Forums: