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No, there's nothing wrong with his opinion. But it will undoubtedly fire Tiger up just that little bit more. He's already shown a bit of improvement and there's plenty enough time for him to get grooved before the Ryder Cup. If Tiger gets turned around, this quote won't be the sole reason why. But there was more to lose than gain by saying it.
It's like one of those "Messin' with Sasquatch" commercials playing out in slow motion before our eyes.
He makes me laugh so hard it actually hurts.
Could have gone my whole life without that image being scorched into my mind's eye
GIR seems good for an 18 which leads me to think your iron play is a strength (unless you play on a short course and you're hitting greens with your wedges). I would assume that your missed greens are right around the green, so the 1.94 putt avg leads me to think chipping is a weakness. On the fairway %: it seems low compared to your GIR. Leads me to think you don't miss by a huge amount...not a huge amount OB. But you probably have to chip out from under the occasional...
I'm not a huge fan of the OWGR, but they are what they are. They span multiple seasons so it's possible for any one season to not be represented well. Consistently good showings, as well as playing well in big events is rewarded. For the time period it covers, Tiger dominated. For a snapshot of this season, look at the money list or fedex cup srandings
Foley's students did pretty well at the Bridgestone...
Wedge is sold.
That's a pretty low course rating and slope. I use Scorecard to track my handicap and stats and it also displays handicap for individual rounds. On one really easy course I sometimes play (65.4, 105) I shot an 86 and my handicap was 22.2, but on a more difficult course (70.3, 113) my 86 yielded a 15.7 handicap.If you're playing by the rules of golf and tracking all your scores, your index should be accurate.
I'll play. yahoo works for me
New Posts  All Forums: