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I have not used an insert since the XG Hot several years ago. Then I pulled out my old XG Hot and found it to be an interesting experience. >>Can insert fans please compare the various Odyssey inserts? How about the black-i series versus the white ice versus XG ?
I bought my first vintage finished wedge and I am rather impressed. Feels softer than those with a chrome finish. Looks great with how it has character and unique. What is everyone's impressions on vintage finished wedges? Hate or love 'em?
My recommendation is to try a different brand. If you are hard-headed and only will buy a particular brand, I will suggest go with the sung fit as the shoes will stretch out. All golf shoes do...even those that intially were a good fit as there is a lot of torque happening in a swing. And when they do get loose, that is time to retire the shoes. For me...it is about the time the 2nd set of replacement spikes are needed.
That is a good quote from Titleist.... As stated, it is 'similar' to forged...but isn't forged. A question....in the production models, how often are custom grinds and tweaks really made that require a cast product to be made? Maybe I am just a forged club and milled putter purist.
Just because you are 'short' doesn't mean that you will need to flatten out the the lie by 2* or 3*. Many times putter lies remain the same no matter what shaft length is selected unless an unconventional putting stance is used.Go to a reputable club maker and they should be able to figure out what needs to be done.
Congrats....you will very much enjoy the Bettinardi. Let us know what your thoughts are after a few weeks with the putter. You are probably better off not purchasing the Heavy Putter. If you are starting to develop your putting stroke, you want to be able to develop your distance control most importantly. With such a heavy putter...it is a tad more difficult to develop that skill. A skill that is most important to mitigate the dreaded three-putt. (a lot of people...
Selecting putters is an individual preference...and not predicated by your height and build.However....as a wild guess without any knowledge....give the C-05 Bettinardi model a shot. It is a mallet putter and if you are starting off...the thicker top line might be helpful for alignment and to gain confidence of stroking a larger mass. Also because it is 'face balanced' where it doesn't have 'toe hang.' [I'll explain that if you would like...just shoot another note...
The Mizuno Bettinardi's are manufactured in Tinley Park, IL....just south of Chicago. They are created in the Bettinardi facility that not only create the ultra premium specialty putters ($500+) ...but also defense/aerospace products. (A little known fact....Scotty 'off the rack' putters are NOT manufactured within Cameron's putter studio. Rather Scotty uses a third party contractor).I personally contacted Bettinardi customer service and they assure me that the Mizuno...
My recommendation is to buy only after putting on "REAL" greens. Don't just putt on astroturf and carpets!Find an on-course pro shop and test them out on the greens.... You won't get a sense of what it can or can't do without game conditions. That is where you might be able to better sense what a premium putter can do.
....it will improve your putting if you spend more time practicing with the premium putter. There is the discussion that a cheap putter being the same as a premium. Whatever works....if you can hole it...why not. At the same time, a premium putter does have some qualities which you will not find in others. For instance, there is a different 'feel' of having a 'milled' (it is a solid block of metal that is 'carved' or 'milled' out) versus a 'cast' (melted metal poured...
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