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head Sold Shaft for $50!
Maxed out COR fairway wood from Wishon Super hot face Shallow profile makes it easy to hit off the deck. 43" SW=D5.4 Wishon Grey/Black headcover. 7.5/10 Normal wear. Except one shallow scuff on the crown and scratches around the painted area of the sole towared the toe. looks like some epoxy residue on the shaft near the ferrule US$75 shipped and pp'd to CONUS (CAD$75 for Canada) or reasonble offers (shipping will cost me $25 [&o]) Will sell head or shaft...
ha ha cool you should try some nickent hybrids see if you like them
Oh.... that's how you do it!! Thanks Yes, indeed. If you can't get a proper fitting, at least you know how to narrow down your selections.
Not sure if my youtube tag is working Here is the link: http://www.twgolftech.com/videos_twgt.php#video4
the guy probably cut it short without adding any head weight so you couldn't feel the head during your swing
scratch looking to get some myself
they have presets for each club say PW is 64 lie with 48 loft if you club is 1 flat and 2 strong, then it is 63 lie with 46 loft i think that's how it works from what i've read up
Yeah it's fine. In fact that's how bicycle grips are installed. I'd still put a small piece of tape at the butt to prevent moisture from entering.The grip size will be slightly smaller than standard since you don't have any tapes under it.That's what I do when people want a smaller than standard grip.To get even smaller just stretch the grip by 3/4" longer.
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