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well fitted club will guide you to a better swing!
driver loft has the most effect on launch angle and spin shaft's effect is directly related to the load late release and aggressive tempo will load a shaft the most hence, more effect from shaft a golfer who casts in his/her downswing will not load the shaft enough to see big difference amoung shafts
for me, carrying is all about having the good straps and being very light weight sun mountain 3.5 weights only 3.5 lbs with very wide and padded shoulder strap leg is very sturdy the leg mechanism is also great (the legs don't spread out farther and farther with use) i really like it downside is the divider not being as great as ogio or mizuno titleist x86 is another good choice they are made by sun mountain, too
mitchell will run you $1500 to $2000 heard a lot of great reviews from clubmakers for true blue MR3 less than $1000
FYI you only need masking tape for air gripping. no need for double sided tape grips like GP NDMC have very thin wall, especially the lower part you can not install them with air. they balloon easily. better stick with solvent and double sided tape
golfworks, golfsmith, sponors from different forums..etc I do you don't need the tool but you must have a protector tube for blow off grips (for safety reason). you can make a tube from cutting down a club divider plastic tube sold for $1 in most stores. 0.580 is 0.020 thicker overall than 0.600 after installed on the same butt-size shaft 0.600 installed on 0.600 shaft is so called standard size no idea what's on VR blades
i play winn avs jumbo i tried the yes big grip in store seems a bit too light you are better off swapping super stroke grip onto the yes putter.
i have mx23 with kbs tour r flex basically, it's px ball flight with soft feel at impact i love them much easier to load than px
I would say no to cast from stainless steel but cast from 8620 carbon steel like vokeys i'd say yes.
if anyone seeks the PX ball flight with DG feel, KBS Tour is the shaft.
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