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I don't think PX comes in 4.5 PX gives a harsh feedback on miss hit compare to DG
what you heard are all true they were just talking about different part of the ball flight PX has higher initial launch but less spin so the ball will go up fast but stay flat in the air DG has lower launch but more spin so the ball will rise up in the mid-flight one thing to watch out for switching from DG to PX is picking the right flex or the PX is going to feel very harsh also PX is stiffer than standard rifle PX5.5 is considered closer in flex to DG S300
i have the nickent driver the face is 2 to 3 degree closed, FYI if you are fighting a fade/slice, it can help it's more forgiving because of its MOI. (less face twisting when hit off center) if you put a good swing on it, you still can produce some long drives. the important thing is to get fitted for a driver that suits your swing you'll benefit a lot more than just buying drivers and drivers that don't work quite well
well i just bought a set 7.5/10 for $250. i was busy shafting them up with KBS Tours. will be done tomorrow. can't tell u how they play yet. but i think it's going to be an awesome combo with soft feel and enough forgiveness.
sold no longer available
Price Dropped! $300
5i =37.75" PW = 35.25" 1 degree flat D2 swing weight Been played for 1 year. Brush marks on sole. Sand marks on the face. 1 ding on the sole of 7i from a hidden rock minor ding on the leading edge of 4i shaft and grips are in excellent condition US$350 obo shipped and paypal'd to ConUS (for Canadians or locals, we can work stuff out.) http://i496.photobucket.com/albums/rr325/imandre/ The flash exaggerates the scratches. They don't look that bad in person.
Thanks! Back to topic. I think a protractor will do the same job as SC's ball mark.
I still used mine but not as much. When I feel my stroke is off, I use it. My stroke certainly improved a lot, but it's the reading and the speed that keep me from making more putts.
Cost of club will vary depending on what you buy. A fitting session will cost around $60 to $100 per hour depending on the clubfitter. You will learn a lot about clubs and also your swing from a good clubfitter. You can ask people on the forum to recommand one in your area. A thourough fitting session should include: Length - trying different lengths of clubs and find one you are confortable and efficient with. Lie - hitting ball off a lie board to deteremine the proper...
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