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2 hybrids: 20 & 23 degree. I can't hit my 4i at all.
Yes, I'm referring to your existing clubs if you are on a tight budget. If you can get new clubs and also have them fitted by a decent clubfitter, that would be awesome.
I think you have it opposite. A hitter has a more aggresive transition from backswing to downswing, so he loads the shaft more than a smooth tempo swinger. ie. Hard step for hitter.
No, I don't own one. I agree with you. He knows what golfer wants and he knows very well how to sell them. However, if it's only $10, I'd buy one. Is there any rules on ball marker? If I can have a 5 ft long ruler as my ball marker. I'm sure it's going to do an excellent job lining up my putt with intened line.
Congratulations. You are very lucky. In my opion, you will improve your game more if you take that money and spend it to get your clubs to fit your swing. Maybe get 1 or 2 wedges, a putter that you like (have them all fitted to your swing), and few lessons on the short game that will help you around the green and improve your score.
He is a marketing genius!
swing weight doesn't apply so much because your putting stroke is so much shorter than a real swingbutt weight is to help stabilize your stroketo OP:it can be done. I had a two-ball it was cut down to 33" from 35".what happened to it? it's too short for me :p oops.mallet heads are heavier compare to blades so you should be fine.if you feel the head is too light, just add some lead tapes.
the one tiger uses... :p
hybrids generally come with shafts longer than the irons you are replacing. say comparing 20 deg hybrid to a 20 deg iron, you will hit the hybrid a bit longer. best way is to demo one and see which one fills the gap evenly. if you want a hybrid that goes about your 3 iron distance, i'd go with 22 deg.
This: http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index....owtopic=146842 I started making a lot more solid contact and added one club length with my clubs after 1 week of practice.
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