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that really depends on what distance you want to hit it. 60 sounds better with your SW but right distance is more important than matching loft
redwood. like the feel. but i don't putt well with them :p
uh...I just started playing this year and my dad bought a knock-off set from China. He just gave it to me to start with. The only clubs I bought are the CG11s and V-steel. Unfortunately CG11 are knock-offs, too.
i can't answer you questions but i was wondering why do you hate your Nickent irons?
I bought 3 cleveland CG11 wedges from a seller from China (duh?) Since there were so many people selling the same things for a much higher price, I just bid with a slightest hope that they might be the real deal. After I received them, first thing i spotted was the color of the dots. They are much brighter than what I've seen in stores. And then, the poor quality of paint job on the club head and grip. They even made the mistake of painting the cavity black on satin...
people lose strokes differently some mainly on putting, some mainly on ball striking
about 50 yards sometimes i lose distance when i do full swing, because i release too early and the club head ends up passing under the ball.
i really like nickent, too. i don't know if you have golf town in your area. i saw they were selling 3dx combo iron set (red back) for $349. there are other stores that sell 3dx hybrid iron set (black back) for $488 and you get the 3dx squre driver for free. personally i like any mallet putter with long aim line. helps me aim where i want to putt.
Tiger is the man!!!!
designer for trackworks ie. rail layouts/details for cargo and transit trains
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