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definitely 2 or 3 wedges.
get some used or recycled balls?
i think you can scrub it off with soapy water or dish detergent. that's what I do when i have sharpie marks on the floor
don't they all have the maxed out COR? the only thing that will make the ball go longer is lighter and longer shaft to increase swing speed.
I guess I'm standing too upright.
Of course I am standing on the proper side. I think my stroke has a bigger curve than the machine's biggest setting.
Dean sent me a dvd without any questions. Great customer service! The DVD is definitely a lot more helpful than the paper manuals I got. I'm still a bit confused about my stroke though. I've setup with the red spacer (most curving arc) When I close my eyes and swing my putter on the machine, it feels like I'm actually swinging with a U shape instead of an upside down U. I was just rotating my shoulders without any hand manipulation. Is this supposed to be right?
check if the flat part of the grip and the club face are at 90 deg angle? i saw quite a few off the shelf putters have a slightly closed or opened face. (bad quality control)
top left corner
http://www.golfdigest.co.jp/digest/c...ns/default.asp damn they are cute.
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