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stock shafts usually play a bit softer if you compare that to aftermarket shafts. i'm guessing that you are slicing probably because of the shaft too stiff for you? when i was picking out a driver, i usually try those with stock stiff or after market regular. btw, my ss is about 90 just something to pay attention to, so you end up hating burner later and looking for another new driver.
my driver ss is about 90 and I use 5.0.
how about open your stand a little bit?
yeah. even thought it's very forgiving, you still have to put a good swing to it. i meant forgiving as you can hit the all all over the club face and the ball will still go relatively straight if you make a good swing.
they only come with graphite shafts. 3DX combo (red back) or 3DX RC comes with steel or graphite shaft. Personally, I like 3DX Pro. 3DX Square driver is very forgiving.
does anyone like the oringal DD?
you already have a 57. you dont' need another lob wedge imo.
I average about 36 putts. I've just got the machine for less than a week and played a round 2 days ago. Putted a 40 (doh!) because I'm at this awkward stage between my own stroke and the perfect stroke. (Some putts are due to the slower green speed and me leaving them short)
only 3 hybrid so far. I was thinking about a 4 hybrid but I should learn how to hit a 4 iron.
I'm more interested in bigger brand drivers. King Cobra 2007 Speed LD F 9deg stiff is top of the list Others came to mind are: TM r7 460, Burner; Callaway BB460, etc I'll see if I can find a host website.
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