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Brand New Kind Cobra HS9 7 Wood RH stock Graphite Design YS 5.6+ shaft regular flex stock Lamkin Dual Density Torsion Control grip no headcover $90 obo + actual shipping Trade: 460cc drivers stiff stock shaft or reg custom shaft (I can add some $$ depending on the club value)
#3 is 20 deg. i have one in my bag
i don't own a driver but looking to get one.
You might be able get your nicklaus fitted (not sure about bending cast irons)or get a new set. You might need longer shafts. Shooting right could be your clubs or your swing. Fitting without buying a new set will probably cost the same as a one hour private lesson. If you buy a new set, it's usually included.
i love mine. my contact has certainly improved with the feedback it has.
when you open up the face, ball will go right. so you have to aim left of your target to compensate that.
i paid close attention to my club face. I did see my club face open less and close less then my normal stroke but I still feel the grip twisting more than I'm used to. So then I tried to adjust my swing to match the guided one. I realized I was rotating with my whole upper body instead of just rocking my shoulders up and down with my forearm passing in front of my body. I think that got rid of the twisting feel. Now my ball goes dead strange into the center of the...
they will put impact tape at the sole of your club probably a 6i and let you hit off a plastic board see where the marks are, comparing to the center of the club face. the farther off from the center the more degrees is needed to be adjusted. with marks close to toe, you need to bend clubs upright, vice versa.
I got the older version. doesn't come with any dvd. only an instruction manual with some practice tips.
so could i with my yes putter.
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