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make a slightly bigger swing? you have to tell us that your are coming up short because not enough roll in your shot or something.
It's from Japanese Golf Digest. I think the reason is that 13* 3w isn't very easy to launch. If you don't swing fast enough, your carry will actually be shorter than a 15* 3w. So if you can launch and carry the longest with a 7.5 or 8.5 degree driver, you wouldn't have any problem with 13* 3w. For average men with a 9.5 or 10.5 driver, 15 is probably more ideal This is my guess. Another possible reason could be that you are launching with your driver @13 to 14 degree....
try golfwrx.com sale forum
pick a 3 wood that's 5 to 6 degree higher than your driver
i felt the putter grip twists close on my back stroke and twists open on the down stroke. is that supposed to be right? or do i need a different setup? so confused...
Just got mine today. Edit: took me a while to find a comfortable stroke setup. red spacer with red rails
until you outdriver them 20yards with it lol where can i get one of those?
did you see where you are hitting the ball on the club face? are they close to the top of the edge? if they are, that might explain the angle and rpm. i have the similar problem with my swing. a little bit over the top. that's why i'm launching every driver 18, 19 degree with tons of rpm.
46, 50, 54, 58 might take out 50 i realize its distance is very close to 46 (shaft length issue i haven't resolved)
try craigslist as well so yesgolf.ca sells one for $11?
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