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I'm getting mine soon. Found a slightly used older version that come with laser and ball tube for $200
not doing any advertising here are some headcovers http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=85657
My favorite club would be my hybrid. Shaft is made by UST. Unfortunately, it's not available. But thanks for the direction, mikelz
anyone noticed they look like tm burner ?
Bump! Everyone is playing stock shaft in 3 wood?
do you have to chock down on your putter because it sits the plate which is a little off the ground? do you feel any major difference putting on the z factor from putting on real green because you are gripping at the different part of the grip?
I currently don't have a driver and I've been teeing off with my 3 wood. I found that I have to swing harder than I swing my hybrid to get the ball in the air. Even though the shaft says regular, I feel that it plays stiffer than regular. It could also be other reasons. Anyways, so instead of getting new driver plus custom shafts, re-shafting my 3 wood is going to be a lot cheaper. Plus that'll for me to use it and learn it. My question is for those who have a custom...
5'10" -1/4" 1 deg flat 37.75" 5 iron (= ping's standard length)
it's very tempting...
wow good deal. i paid $100 for mine :(
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