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I'll usually go with my 4i.
Yeah I wouldn't call Mizuno a "mid-major" brand. Without Mizuno in the mix, my vote would go for Adams and then Bridgestone.
I just got a pair of Nike Air Max Dual D shoes and I am very impressed by them. They don't look like the traditional golf shoe (more like a running shoe), but they are extremely comfortable and have a 2 year waterproof warrenty. Not too expensive either. http://www.discountgolfworld.com/pro...al-d-2007.html But if your going for the all out top-of-the-line shoe, my vote would go for the Adidas Tour 360 II. Really expensive though....
Best of luck. Looks like your on the right track.
I subscribe to Golf Digest, but I read Golf Magazine regularly as well. In my opinion, Golf Digest gets big name people to do swing tips, but I do agree that its not good to follow them all.
Anyone else?
Thanks for the reply. I think I'm leaning towards the CO3 right now. It just felt so good and smooth. I'll be looking forward to your review of the BC. I'm curious about the F.I.T. face because I've heard mixed opinions on it.
Anyone here ever/currently use the Mizuno Bettinardi C Series putters, specifically the C03? I tried one out (a C03) and it felt REALLY nice. Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on them, or the BC models. Thanks guys.
I would agree. I don't know of any other brands that give that.
Haha yeah I saw it right after I posted. . . . I was going to edit it but decided not too.
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