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Friday I shot 76 and Sunday I had 85 but the greens were super slow and never hit the putts hard enough to get to the hole.
In Japan you need a tee time to hit balls on the ranges.
If Tigers injury keeps him from golfing at the level he expects and get back to winning majors he will end up being known as another Ken Venturee, career ended by injury. Could've been the all time greatest. IF.
Can say that about most lessons.
you can get caught up reading the little stories and miss the lesson. What I liked about Harvey was he got the best out of your swing without trying to clone you with other golfers
The real reason the gloves get holes in them is your holding the very end of the club. If you look at the club when you grip it the end will be right at the hole. choke down about an inch. watch the pro's they don't hold the very end of a club,they always choke down a bit.
That was one of the reasons I switch to the overlapp grip. My little finger also would hurt when I played alot of golf.
Great books, If your a techie it's your loss for not using his advise.
All the threads I read are now one reply per page, did I change something or did the site? Use to just scroll down to read replys.
From what I'm getting is if your turning your forarms to get the face to open up your not making much of a shoulder turn if any and your only hitting with the arms.
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