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I'm not a long hitter. I slowed my swing down and keep the ball in play and have very few penaltys. keeping my score in the low to mid 70's work for me. On a wide open hole I can be sneaky long sometimes.
I bet I have five plus dozen in my bag. I hardly ever lose a ball,but I like to try different balls and I will stick a couple of balls in the bag and some of the guys will give me a ball to try and it gets dropped in the bag for a practice round and they keep growing in the bag. I play almost everyday so the bag is always in the truck,so every couple of months I clean out the ball pocket and take 2-3 dozen out. So after I clean out my bag I usually start with about a dozen...
Always read your putts no matter what the distance. Don't believe all you read about making almost 100% of the putts from 4-5 feet. thats just not true. people just like to make you think they are better than they are, this is an open forum so always expect alot of BS.
Since this was a qualifying round and Gavin was not going to make the cut from the sound of his play he should have said he was going to WD and walked off the course instead he choose to keep playing and drag the rest of the guys down. Gavin was actually the person in the wrong here as he only entered for the hell of it anyway.
You may be hanging back on the back leg making you swing around the ball off your intended path.
Good thing you were not looking at the drivers.
I agree. Its not your responsibility to find or help find his ball. It was nice of you to help the other times he could not find his ball.
Theres no reason for any person in that position to speak to a paying customer that way,none.
Thanks guys for all the info. He used his option of unplayable and rehit from the tee. and he hit a great shot. Even though the ball went fifty yards behind the tee (wrong direction) it was the best choice for him to retee. He would have had to punch a shot to infront of the tees and not go OB then hit the next shot from some unfriendly deep grass and maybe not be as far down the fairway has he was after taking the unplayable. It was all legal and by the book.
You have many options to try,first how close around the green are you talking? I like to chip around the greens (20yrds and closer) with a putting stroke using an eight iron. you can use any club but stroke it as a putt instead of a chip.
New Posts  All Forums: