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Glad to see Phil hit a great shot when it really counted then sink the putt for the win.
Congrats, something to talk about the rest of your life. If you filled out the paper work in the pro shop you may get a few things from the manufactors of golf equipment. Let us know if you get anything.
Thanks for the reply.
Maybe a nice diamond or pearl ring they can show off and tell everyone they got it when they went to pebble beach..
In my match Monday the guy I was playing made a call of unplayable and replayed for the original spot. Now to set this up for you. 18th hole dog leg left with woods on the left. ball is on the tee and he pulls shot into the woods, ball hits a tree and bounces out fifty yards behind the tees and twenty yards left of the tee box. He called it unplayable and said it's his option to replay the shot from the original spot. rule 20.5 (from the tee),even though the original spot...
If you can drag your club for a line than you can see the line just pick some blades of grass to line up with and use that to line yourself up.
Don't really have an idea whats wrong with him but he sure has put on alot of weight. He used to be trim and fit when he was on top.
You can donate to handicap programs that teach them to play golf.
Don't be shocked to see it in the stores during the summer, some company in taiwan will mass produced and sell them between $7 and $10. He may have been sitting on a gold mine but I think he will end up with the shaft.
Agreed. You play by the rules of the day. Like them or not.
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