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That guy? was a women who had a sex change to become a man and still has the innards of a women so she/he can still carry a baby.
Lemay427 and jeepthrills, I can't believe you took a little fun thread and dragged his wife into it the way you did. Fun or not that's just wrong.
My guess is your grounding the club and just before you start the back swing you regrip the club with the stronger grip. About the only way to change the grip,can't see it happing during the swing.
Pick a song that goes with your tempo. when you feel your getting fast or slow hum some in your mind while taking a couple of practice swings.
I think Annika just as to get back to trusting her swing and play,the mental part of the game is the hardest to get back.
I don't see anyone making huge strides this year. Players 5-30 will move up and down but no new stars shining this year.
The putting and reading the greens.
Tiger wins another.
I mark my ball with two black or red lines,then I use the lines to line up my putting line. Ball marker is usually from a nice course I've played.
If you buy from ebay, print the page with all the info. If your the winner of the item and find their fakes when you receive them you can return them for your money back. Also if it's a brand name and your sure it's a fake using their name you can call their hot line and they will go after them.
New Posts  All Forums: