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I would guess you've never seen the line. When you see it the ball speed is right and the ball goes in the hole, like tossing a pair of socks on a bed. Just like in Bagger Vance at the end. Sorry to say it won't happen on every hole,even though you think you have seen it.
Nothing like Hi-jacking someones thread and turning it into a contest.
It would be nice to see the ball actually go in the hole for more birdies.
I don't think he would give it a thought twenty years from now.
Try swinging the driver the same as the three wood, alot of problems with the driver are from over swinging.
Any grip you use that can hit the ball down the line is fine. Most putting problems are people can't read the greens and try to steer the ball into the hole not trusting the line they choose.
I agree with that. Like I was hitting the ball really good,(into the rough)
I chose excellent for the amount of play they get, their on the fast side and 95percent of the time their in great shape.
I would find another league where we all tee it up from the same tee box,the handicaps are used to make it even.
Yeah it's 47* at 8:30am and the sun is bright, but we still have 4-6 inch of snow on the ground and the courses are closed here in Michigan.
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