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If Global Golf is treating you as stated and you still don't want to hurt their feeling because you might want to buy from them again you getting just what you deserve.
Just remember when your in a 51/2 hour round and watching every group infront of you going thru the JBH pre-shot that is't ok to take extra time for each shot so you can card your 120 that you claim is really an 85.
This poll is like the one asking if Wie is the tiger of the LPGA two years ago. She may only be the queen for a year or too.
Now you need to work on gripping down on the grip and inch then two inchs and see what distance your ball goes.
Yep Ben it's your fault Badd lost and I'm going to start blaming you when I miss a 12 footer with a three foot break.
They showed Tiger with a cherry drink leaving the tee box.
Yea they need someone new to call the shots on the GC, than ran over to show Tiger and Badd match ending,while showing how well Wie was doing in the LPGA tournament for two hours, then leaves the LPGA match with Wie waiting for a ruling standing in the road. Not that I'm a Wie fan but I'd have like to see her hit the shot.
Thats a shame the members at your club would treat a touring pro guest like he was at a muni.
That's the point of practicing at a private club, they would not be bothered for autographs while he was on the range.
Pretty nice pic's. what kind of camera is it?
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