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First you need to find the true distance on a fairway then hit a few normal shots and measure off that mark. I've seen course make a green larger or moving it back 20 yards and not change the markers in the fairway. Cutting a dogleg and measuring from a marker to the green will give the wrong distance you hit the ball. not looking for the official distance marker on the tee and where the markers are on the tee box could give or take 5-15yards easy. You should find your...
Thanks for the responses. Will try the Pogue's books. found the eject key (have to hold down for a second to open door) . Will learn how to moves thing on to the Mac form my PC. Will try to get this right; Power Mac G4 Dual 1.42 GHZ 120 GB Hard drive DVD-RW OS10-- Leopard Wireless Thats about all I know about this Mac but learning to really like the features, I will get the hang of it.
Got a Power Mac G4, seems to be a great machine. Trying to learn my way around since I've only used Windows until now. It's used,but got it free. No manual came with it,have to got to the store and find a basic book for operating a Mac. I can't even open the CD slot, how funny is that.
If it's taking a minute or two to take off and replace a head cover you need to go back to the range and practice that move.
I've been thinking about getting a Taz swinging a driver on my right calf.
I play with a guy who can hit the bal 270. he only hits the fairway maybe once a round, second shots are out of the rough and or behind trees and scores around 45-53. My 230-240 yard tee shots are usually in the fairway or first cut and I normally shoot 34-38. When I'm the starter and the guys tell me how far they hit the ball I tell them to move to the back tee then they only hit the ball about 190-200 yards and they think they killed it.
I Think the pro's must use the same type of ball through the whole 18 holes including the number on the ball. So the option of changing balls for a different compression is not availiable to them. Yes they can change balls on each new tee if they want.
You said you have two drivers and one is 10*. That would mean the other is a specific number. Also you have alot of maybes
Before you give info you should have your facts right. the driver has a degree number, not somewhere between 4.5-7.5 . Hitting a 10* driver off the deck all the time must be pretty tough as the pro don't do it very often with their 10* drivers. If it was a smart play I'd think more of the pros would not be coming up short on par fives.
Most golf shops will check a club or two for nothing. Thats not getting it fixed just letting you know if you need them fixed. going price seems to be 3-5 dollars each.
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