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You may be thinking about hitting 100 golfballs not what your there for. practice your shots,swing and setup. get a small bucket of ball instead of a large. I watched VJ on the range for 2 1/2 hours one day and I bet he didn't hit thirty balls during the whole time I was watching.
If your rough is that thick aim to the fairway not the green. one shot back into the fairway is better than three or four shots in the rough trying to get to the green. Play smart golf.
It may not be the lie angle but your swing, get them both checked by a pro.
Guess he'll have to wait another week to show how good he is, Since he missed the cut this week.
Great round, may that be your high game of 2008.
1. slow play 2. teaching someone how to hit the ball with people waiting behind you. (they always seem to show up on the weekends) 3. people not fixing ball marks 4. people waiting to hit a 285 yd shot when they can only hit a 200yd shot from the tee.
Sorry to hear that. That is one rule you'll never forget.
Courses that rate it off handicap do that so you can enjoy your round and they usually have a few forced carries that a high handicap will not be able to carry. Many high handicappers don't have a good short game and that drives the handicap up. If you drive the ball well and the short game is your problem playing back one tee from your handicap should be ok.
You need a soft ball and sharp edges on your wedges.
Everyone is good that's on tour. Your dream should be to become number one. As we know to many are just happy to be making a living on tour and not going to work everyday to a job you don't like.
New Posts  All Forums: