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This may be a first for The Golf Channel.... A show thats actually entertaining.
My goal for 2006 is a small, but very difficult. My goal is to not hit any shot until I'm absolutely 100% committed. In the past whenever doubt has crept in on club selection or the shot that I'm trying to make, bad things have happened.
He strikes me as one of the few genuine people on tour. He has already been through so many bad times while being in the public eye that he doesn't really have any reason to hide anything else. On a side note, His show might be one of the few interesting things that the Golf Channel has had in a long time, The Big Break IV was the worst thing on TV since 'Joanie Loves Chachi.'
Its hard to believe that The Golf Channel could take so many positive things that I enjoy, Golf, Women, Women in Bikinis... And manage to produce such an excruciatingly dull show.
Senior Systems Analyst in the Financial Industry... It pays the bills.
New Posts  All Forums: