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Television news reporter in San Francisco. Author of a textbook about broadcast journalism now being used in 32 universities. Write for several golf glossies (United Inflight, Links), when I have the time. I have my own golf page (not as elaborate as this), but the second largest (in terms of content) in Northern California. It's part of my television station website. 5.8 handicap as of 11/05, with 40 rounds for the year. Own many golf clubs, but have...
If you have that kind of control, you belong on tour.
I would suggest you find yourself a set of forged irons that look and feel good to you. Then go to a clubfitter with a launch monitor and have them tweaked. It'll be the best of all worlds.
Ever hear of paralysis analysis? I used to keep everything. It became a chore. Now I keep nothing. It's become a game, again. And, I score better.
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