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Then why admit to the fact that he hasn't ever used a production golf ball, until now. Seems to me that the best marketability would be for him to say he's always used a ball off the shelf..
Actually, he was just quoted in a recent, major article as stating that this is the first year he has used a ball off the shelf. I don't remember where it was, because I read so much golf news, and periodicals..
That's acceptable I guess. I feel a need to explain the Manufacturer thing, but, it's probably a moot point right now. Thanks, Take Care.
Mods, I am unable to start a new thread in the marketplace. Why is this?
Who's Annika Sorenstan?
Yep.. it's curtains for my boy.. haha..
And................ I'm officially jealous. My practice partner from Phoenix when I played on the Gateway Tour, is officially leading the Buick open. Kevin Streelman. This freakin' kid grew up caddying for me, became my practice partner in Phoenix, and is now leading, and got in as an alternate. He did really well in Qschool this past year, and earned his PGA Tour card.. but shit.. I'm jealous...
I agree.. I don't like the guy either, but, I haven't seen that kind of situation in a long time. I want to see Rory get owned by THE MAN.
Tiger and Rory tied for 1st thru Tiger's 13th today... I hope they get into a showdown on Sunday so Tiger can lay a beating on him and hopefully, talk some shit to each other. We don't see enough trash talk on the golf course.. IMO
Thanks for the suggestion. I love their stuff as well..
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