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Didn't play with him, but I was standing on the practice green this morning and I heard a voice that was very familiar to me. I turned around and Morgan Freeman was standing next to me. One of the kids I was helping with their putting stroke looked at him and says, "Hey, that guy's in Batman!"  Pretty cool.
+3 Sorry need a little explanation myself. I hate being that guy who doesn't get the joke!
Ping G25 Driver 10.5 Stiff Shaft. Never been hit brand new. Price includes shipping.
So you are basically talking about this guy:     I blurred the name, to protect the innocent. Check out the tournament scores compared to the casual rounds. He goes to a bunch of our state amateur competitions and embarrasses himself. I actually played with this guy one time. I recognized his name because I was the handicap chairman at the time. I asked him why he never played in any of our club tournaments. He told me that our club tournaments didn't have...
D: 300 3w: 270 3 Hybrid: 255 4i: 240 5i: 220 6i: 200 7i: 190 8i: 180 9i: 165 PW: 150 GW: 130 SW: 115   I also carry a LW but I never hit it full and the farthest I will attempt to hit it is about 85 yards.
I have seen what a golf club can do on accident a couple of times at the course. We had a kid that caught an iron to the face two summers ago. It was just a backswing but it took out 3 teeth and it gashed his lip wide open. Pretty nasty stuff.
How about AP2's. or even any forged cavity back players irons like Titleist CB's or Mizuno MP-64's?
Oh no I see where this is headed. I'll be back in a bit to move this thread to the Grill Room.
  LOL, ditto. My golf clubs are in my locker at the course, but my Kimber 45 is either on my hip or on my nightstand.
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