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Wondering if Tiger would get criticized for making public statements for his plans on what he could do for the 'human' race. hmm?
Anyone else catch the Johnny Miller's remark about giving Paddy a 'lesson' on ball striking, again totally silencing the other announcer, presumably in disbelief of Millers comments? Of course, Paddy is such a class act he probably just listened to Millers 'Lesson' and mentally, flipped him the bird, when Miller left. Paddy's probable self talk, "Who does this clown think he IS? ... How many majors has he won? ... Perhaps I should be giving him the 'lesson'..."
I've played in the 20's before and it is interesting. Things that I did: I used three balls and rotated them every shot, keeping 2 warming in my pocket... if not your looking at 3-5 club differences in distance. Hitting a GIR is almost impossible. I hit some greens, but the ball would bounce 10 ft in the air off the green. I used a hand warmer in between shots. Used short tees for the driver... Stick them in very little... just the sharp tip goes in the...
Globalization will have positive(short term) and negative(long term) effects, which likely will have nothing to do with government. Econmic globaliztion, or centralization of one world monatary system would be scary at best. Would the whole world become credit driven with nothing to back it up? Would multi-national(now world corporations) be able to use their influence to effect world economics? Who could stop or regulate banks from monopolizing? How would/could...
Iacas pretty much covered it... However, here is a little personal experience I've had with a shotgun. When younger, my brother and I would go to a shooting range in South Dakota. It was just really and area away from everything on a hillside... They did have and old car door(from a 70's Buick...it was thick and heavy) there and I wanted to see what would happen if I shot it at close range. About 20 feet away put a 5 inch hole clean through the door including the...
Economic globalization can be also viewed as economic centraliztion, which certainly has a potential for power abuse. And it is happening now.... European Union/Euro(monetary unit) North American Union?
Your kidding right? At close range a shot gun with "bird shot" will put a 5 inch hole in someone. No special round necessary. I don't care how big you are... A 5 inch hole that you can stick you arm though, going through the body WILL stop them... This would happen, if you shot someone(with a shotgun) 10-15 feet away from you... so you got to be pretty close.
I too have looked into how the financial system works, and quite frankly, it scares the crap out of me. At best, it is unconstitutional. I also think it matters very little who actually wins the election, the powers that be, will get their agenda done anyway. Now, I'm off to check my credit score...
Nice! A political catch phrase (libertarianism). I however, prefer Constitutionalism... or lack there of... nutcases aside.
This tends to raise some eyebrows... http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...80303867390173
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