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You can bring one club out of your burner set to the pro shop . There they can determin what type fits . Now you have the option to let them install it or you can purchase them and install them at home . A lot of shops dont charge to regrip when you purchase the grip from them . Also they have several models of grips from different manufacturers . I am sure the pro would be more than glad to share his 2 cent wisdom .
Best to visit your local Pro shop and have yourself fitted . I like the feel of the New Lamkin crossline Shock Absorbing grips . They dampen the sting one feels in mishits and give the user a good feel for the club .
Golf is a game of patience , stamina , consistency , skill and last but not the least frustration . The best way is to learn from frustration . The more frustrated you become the more challenged you are to take the next step . Have a local golf PRO take a look at your weak points and take good advise on how to correct them . You can now practise the advise on the Range and go on from there . If you were near my location in So Ca id be honored to help you with your game at...
Tiger playing outside the US PGA tour gave credentials to the Euro PGA of which he was honored to Play in . By wisely stating that he thought Poulter was #2 , He had the European crowd nod and thus made him number 1 in their Ranks .
Sabatini has come to the end with his Nike sponsorship . For what ever reasons ... ( Tiger being #1 endorser) Nike had to let him go . Adams and some Manufacturers have shown interest in him and come Feb this year he will wear and play for his sponsors . He looks like a nice kid off the golf course . kind and helpful to old people . Perhaps age will smoothen him a bit . Such talent wont go to waste too soon . Golf needs vilains and he is the perfect golfer for that role ....
To meet nice people and enjoy .
Yes and no . At 11 handicap you are on your way to taking the next level in golf . AP 2 are forgiving irons but what you may need is more workable irons such as the Z series . Golf is about how to work your shots to favor you and not the other way around . It may be challenging but it is worth the Play time . Try to see if you can try the Z on the range . You will not be dissapointed... that i can promise .
675 MB are sold . Still Have the Two Titleist sets . 690MB and 804 OS/CB . If you have any questions pls PM me and i will be more than glad to answer .
In this world of uncertain events it would be wise to have a proper education then turn Pro . I belive it is the parents resposiblity to impart to their children the value of education . 99.8 percent of kids who dream of making it big one day will come to realize the truth when all smoke has cleared . There is only one Tiger , one Jordan ....
A dark horse will win at least 3 pga tour events . My bet is on Chopra to come from behind . Hes got 1 and two more to go . KJ isnt doing bad either . Ill predict he gets a Major this year .
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