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using a string as a guide anchored on both side with any stick, the string will help you see the line of your putt with the set up and while you are putting since the end of the string is lined up passed the hole.  I also like the new odyssey Versa putters with the black and white contract.  The two ball putter is very nice and I am considering buying one.  The blade Versa putter also helps you line up your putts perpendicularly from your target line.
Have you ever played blocks on the tee box?  try playing blocks with your 3 wood and if you can hit the ball solid hitting your 3 wood off the ground playing blocks this will help you with your take away for your 3 wood and even with your driver.
2014 Camry Hybrid XLE and we own a 2010 Prius that my 19 year old son drives.  Cut  my gas bill in half, my previous cars were a 1998 Lexus LS400 and 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited
7th Hole at Pebble Beach where I proposed to my wife some 23 years ago on the tee box.  19 year old son and 13 year old daughter later, found my sole mate for life.
1967 Alfa Romeo Guilia Super was my first car and like your first love will always have a soft spot in my heart.   I learned to drive a stick shift in this car by placing a brick behind the rear wheel in my hilly back alley many moons ago.   The handling and road feel was fantastic,  I miss this car and would consider restoring one in the future.
I have been playing for 23 years and currently I only practice putting and chipping within 80 yards with a shag bag.  3 hour a week practicing putting and 2 hour a week on my chips and pitch shots.  I do not spend anytime at the range hitting balls.   As a 20 handicap golfer, I have to agree with the pro, better to play 9 holes than to hit too many balls at the range.  I would also recommend focusing on practice time and how you should spend your time.   70%...
I always keep stats while I play with the following:   Fairway Greens Putts Up & downs to one putt   Front Back Combined total for 18 holes   This helps me more after the round to see what I need to work on, usually putting and my short game or scrambling.
3 hours putting per week 2 hours chipping within 80 yards Play a round a week Arrive 30 minutes prior to playing and practice putting Chip the day before I play from 30 - 60 minutes  
Back to basics,  putting, chipping and a great short game, keep up your cardio for the back nine.    Have fun and don't keep score until after the round.
I won a raffle in a golf tournament for a round trip to Hong Kong first class for two, estimated cost was $6,000 - $8,000.
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