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I always keep stats while I play with the following:   Fairway Greens Putts Up & downs to one putt   Front Back Combined total for 18 holes   This helps me more after the round to see what I need to work on, usually putting and my short game or scrambling.
3 hours putting per week 2 hours chipping within 80 yards Play a round a week Arrive 30 minutes prior to playing and practice putting Chip the day before I play from 30 - 60 minutes  
Back to basics,  putting, chipping and a great short game, keep up your cardio for the back nine.    Have fun and don't keep score until after the round.
I won a raffle in a golf tournament for a round trip to Hong Kong first class for two, estimated cost was $6,000 - $8,000.
putting, chipping around the green and short shots within 30 yards is what I would focus on.   Do you track your putts per round? Do you track your up and down, scrambling per hole?     My best round this year was with   26 putts for 18 holes 7 out of 11 up and downs to one putt   I shot 72 or par.   4 birdies 4 bogies   I practice putting for 3 hours a week. I focus on distance control and making a straight putt from 3 - 5 feet   I...
Yes, golf is a challenge and each situation is different, playing this type of course will only improve you game if you view the challenge this way.  This course will make you adapt your game and this is what golf is all about, playing in dfiferent situations and enjoying the challenge.
I play at least once a week and practice putting for about 3 hours and my short game for about 2 hours each week.  My short game practice is hitting balls from dirt, hardpan lies distances of 60 yards and in.
I carry 14 clubs for 18 holes at age 53.   I have been walking almost everyday for the last two weeks for an hour and this has help me back in shape and I notice an improvement in my game, especially the focus on the last few holes during a round playing 18 holes.  
My best rounds   -3 Sharp Park, Pacifica, CA -1 Sharp Park, Pacifica, CA Par, Popular Creek, San Mateo, CA Par, Sharp Park, Pacifica, CA
my daughter is playing iron from uskids called the Championship Series with steel shafts and stainless steel heads in the Gold Series.
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