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1) One last though before you putt is to truly believe that you will make the putt. 2) The more you practice the more confidence you get with your putting. 3) Keep a record of you putts per hole, front, back nine and track your progress 4) Remember putt for dough and drive for show. 5) Theres no better feeling that sinking a 10 foot putt to win your match  
Arnold Palmer "The Original" by Callaway, blade putter 33" in length. similar to the one for sale on ebay.   http://cgi.ebay.com/CALLAWAY-NEW-BOX-ARNOLD-PALMER-ORIGIONAL-PUTTER-/190553842684?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item2c5de4e3fc
1) I can see that you are finishing with your hip pointing at 2 o'clock if 12 o;clock is a straight down the target line.  you must push all your shots to the right. 2) your rear leg is straight up and not bent 3) you weight has not transfered to your front foot 4) simple fix is to practice your back swing turn and forward release with your feet together, knees slightly bent and maintain the level knee bend throughout the entire swing.   You have a nice and...
This video might help by Mark Crossfield  
Whenever I wanted to tune up my game before I play a round of golf, I practice with my wedges hitting 10 - 50 yards shots.  Focusing on making solid contact, distance control and finally direction.   If you are not hitting the ball solid with your irons practicing with your wedges could help you also.  focus on your take away in direction and height of your take away.  You will know when you make solid contact with your wedges and you can start by hitting hip high,...
practice on your carpet at home and come to the course an hour earlier before you play.
I was practicing today on dirt and wood chips hitting my wedges about 50 yards, fun stuff.
String putting video  
I truly believe that too many beginner only practice with their driver and long irons thinking that this will help them achieve their next level or breaking 80 but if you practice making solid contact and then distance control with your wedges you are actually improving your ball striking with your mid, long, fairway and even your driver while focusing on solid wedge contact.   Solid contact and distance control with your wedges will lead you to a better golf swing.
If your are concern about scoring practice and track the following during your round and journal it for us:   practice 1) Putting 2) chipping around the green 3) 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90. 100 yards from the hole.   70-80% of your practice should be on your short game.   Tracking your round 1) How many putts per front 9 and back 9 and total for 18 holes 2) How many up and downs for a one putt per hole, per front and back 9 and for total of...
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