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Track the following:   1) putts per round 2) up and down or scramble to one putt to save par or even to save a boogie 3) next hole recovery score.  this is to tracking what you do the hole after a boogie or double boogie, do you par the next hole or continue to make boogies? 4) greens hit on regulation 5) fairways hit   Sometime it help to see an overview of your round and and see where during your round you can improve to cut strokes and break 80, 75,...
Do you think you can shoot par or under without a short game?  How many players do you see miss fairways and greens and still shoot par or under on a hole.
1) A putting aid that I like to use is the string connected to two rods that can be inserted into the ground.  I position the string over the hole and this helps me keep the putter face square to the target on my back stroke and foward stroke.   2) I have several putters and I like to use a blade putter.   the reason I like the blade putter is that it will help you see any flaws in your putting stroke.   3) practice and have fun   4) enjoy putting and build...
practice chipping (an advance pracice is to chip off of hard pan and flat grass) this will help you focus on making solid contact, its all about your take away and your back swing and club positions.  You can start with hip high back swing and slowly work your way up to full swings.  
Simply practice rolling the ball to the hole with your hands and without the putter.   You can build confidence knowing that you can roll the ball smoothly to the hole and with good distance control.   Now practice putting for 15 - 30 minutes everyday, there is no substitue for practicing, you need to put in the time to become an excellent putter, no short cuts.    
A simple question is who are the top five players on tour?   What is their strength? What allows them to shoot under par consistently? Luke Donald is not a long hitter on tour but he is the number one player in the world.    
my 10 year old daughter made a father's day card and inside had this:   why do you wear two pairs of socks while playing golf? incase you get a hole in one!
I heard that it is better to eat 5 small meals a day rather than 3 larger or in another words,  grazing all day on the right foods, walnut, almonds, salads, chicken etc.
Nice swing, athletic and with a nice tempo, of course hitting out of the rough it would be difficult to control the spin since the grass will come between the grooves and the ball and not allow any back spin.   Do you have the same issue on the fairway?  The only thing that I notice was that your back foot remained on the ground, usually the rear foot after the completed golf swing, the toe is pointing to the ground, haven said that you are flexible enough to...
Its easy to get out of your swing and even top balls but if you practice enought and begin to understand the golf swing you will eliminate these bad shots from your game.   One simple visual drill that might help you is to draw a round circle on a piece of paper, then draw a horizontal line that is touching the bottom of the swing, now draw a golf ball when you think it should be in relations with the round circle or your golf swing.   Where do you think the ball...
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