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Putting is simple   1) distance control A) practice under hand throws to the hole and watch how you judge distance B) I currently use the same distance back and forward to judge my distance for each putt C) practice your distance control so that you can lag a putt within a 3 foot circle from any distance   2) making a 3 foot straight putt A) use a long string with two stick and use the string as a guide to make putts B) I make sure that my wrist does...
I would get someone see you putt and give you helpful tips, unless you send us a video of your putting.  Some questions below:   1) can you sink 5 putts from 3 feet in a row? 2) can you sink 10 putts from 3 feet in a row with different breaks? 3) can you lag 5 putts from 10 feet within a 3 foot circle in a row? 4) can you lag 5 putts from 20 feet within a 3 foot circle in a row? 5) what percentage of your practice time do you spend on putting per week? 6)...
Well said,  speed is more important than aim,  proper speed will help eliminate three putts.      
Spend all your practice time on putting and chipping, 90% on putting and 10% on chipping around the green.  infact practice putting off the green as well.   1) putting, A) distance control B) 3 foot straight putts, use a string tied too two sticks and practice keeping the putter head straight down the line 2) chipping around the green, watch some chipping video       If you only practiced putting for two weeks and begin to have all two putts that...
The relationship with my 16 year old son is improving, we are talking more and respecting each other, he's doing well in school, all A's in his classes, for now.  In about a little more than a year he will start college and possible go away. 
Playing 18 holes with my 16 year old son and his golf team mate and his dad tomorrow, 4/4.  We plan to have a fathers against sons match.    Friday, 4/1, played 9 holes with my son and 10 year old daughter. My daughter shot 17 over, my son shot 2 over and I shot 1 over.   My son is starting to get into golf, he watching the golf channel and wants to practice more,  I am delighted.    
I have hit a driver off the fairway or from the rough when I want to play a low fade shot around a tree.  Not easy to hit a driver off the deck, but it is a useful shot to have in your bag.   You will ocasionally see a pro hit a driver off the deck for added distance.
I moved from cavity backs to blades about 5 years ago and I am happy that I did, others will tell you this and that but I recommend trying blades.   I play the Mizuno mp33s that you can find on Ebay from $177 - $350 for a decent set.   http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=mizuno+mp33+set&_sacat=0&_odkw=mp33&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313   I remember rushing to the driving range after receiving the mp33s and the first thing that I notice was that they were...
I have a 16 year old son and 10 year old daughter,  life doesn't seem complete without a child in my opinion.  I recommend talking to your daughter as much as possible and reading at this early age is good.  As she get old you can introduce balls for hand eye skill that will help her later in her golf game.   Congratualation and enjoy, the years good by quickly.
1) Making consistent solid contact with the ball 2) Distance control 3) Hitting a straight putt 4) Reading the greens for breaks and speed 5) Making it all work under pressure to win a major championship   The above are to me the fundamental of putting, the other factor that compliments a great putter is a great short game that will allow you to have 23 putts per 18 holes to shoot a low score.
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