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Merry Christmas Jesus, Happy Holidays, wishing everyone a healthy, safe, prosperous, and low scoring New Year in 2011!
I just bought a Samsung Epic 4g and downloaded a new app for fitness and it has a pediometer and calculates calories burned from walking, so my next round I will try to remember to turn it on and see how many calories are burned simply by the walking.
Is this putt good?  the second one is!
I played once a week and my practice sessions have been mainly on the putting green and short shots from 50 yards and in.  This has help keep my game sharp and maintain my handicap.   The short chips and pitches focusing on making solid contact has helped my overall swing as well.  
fantastic ideal, you are both blessed.   Last time we played, He shot 82 and I shot 90, I will try to focus more on my game instead of watching him play, I guess.  I told him, I would pay him $1 for every hole he beats me.
going out to play 18 holes with my 16 year old son this Thursday while he's off on winter break.  
I just bought 6 boxes of the Noodle N LTD Limited for $8 a box and they play well for the winter time for me.
distance control is the most important part of putting to eliminate three putts.  What helps me with distance control is two simple keys   1) I use my feet as a measurement tool for distance that I take my putter back too to help judge distance control 2) I always follow through with the same distance on each putt, keeping the same tempo.  The only time I will not do this is will very short putts within 3 feet. I found that this is the easiest way for me to judge...
I still watch my putter as it goes back, just an old habit.  I consider myself a good putter with about 30 putts per round, give or take two strokes.  It's how I always putted and I am comfortable doing it.  
I love my mp33s and they are pretty forgiving for blades, I've been playing them for about 5 years. 
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