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Playing 18 holes tomorrow, 2/21, Monday on Presidents Day Holiday with my 16 year old son and his golf team mate.  They are both playing on the High School Varsity Golf Team.  I looking forward to the time playing together.  His games is coming around, last outing for 9 holes he shot 4 over.   I better practice before we go out.  I will expect him to out drive me but we will have fun with some spirited competition.  We will have a match play game and if for every...
pre-shot routine will help you under pressure along with pre-putting routine.   when you play competitively what part of your game lets you down?
Have fun and have realistic expectations when you practice.  I always try to focus on putting, chipping around the green and from 10, 20 yards from the hole to help me get up and down to make birdie, save par or even to save boogie with a one putt.   What part of your game do you want to improve?  at 36 index if you are shooting 108 or 6 shots per hole, the short game will help you break 100 consistently.   How many putts per round? How many up and downs to one...
Try both and see what works best for your game.  I've played the mp33s for 5+ years and it's helped me become a better golfer.  I do play once a week and try to practice for 3 hours during the week on my short game and putting.   What I like about the mb irons is the feedback for slightly off shots so I can make the adjustments and get back on track.  My best rounds have been with the mb irons, -3,-1 & even for 18 holes.      
Merry Christmas Jesus, Happy Holidays, wishing everyone a healthy, safe, prosperous, and low scoring New Year in 2011!
I just bought a Samsung Epic 4g and downloaded a new app for fitness and it has a pediometer and calculates calories burned from walking, so my next round I will try to remember to turn it on and see how many calories are burned simply by the walking.
Is this putt good?  the second one is!
I played once a week and my practice sessions have been mainly on the putting green and short shots from 50 yards and in.  This has help keep my game sharp and maintain my handicap.   The short chips and pitches focusing on making solid contact has helped my overall swing as well.  
fantastic ideal, you are both blessed.   Last time we played, He shot 82 and I shot 90, I will try to focus more on my game instead of watching him play, I guess.  I told him, I would pay him $1 for every hole he beats me.
going out to play 18 holes with my 16 year old son this Thursday while he's off on winter break.  
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