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I'm very interested on what others do to solve this issue.  People talk about the importance of knowing your carry distance for each club.  There isn't a range I've been to that has anything to assist with accurately determining carry distance for different clubs.  Pro's get shot link and fun tools like that.  What can the average Joe do?
I'm in!
I just ordered a side-saddle reverse-shaft (double bend) putter.  Can't wait to get it and do some practicing!
very nice! i wish we hadsomething lke that around here.
Was supposed to get out on the first but had to reschedule for the 2nd because of my brother in law. No big deal but I did want that "started the year on the golf course" title. Didn't play that great but it was great to be out in January. Temp dropped hard that day because of crazy cold front that brought some serious winds. On 14 the flag stick got blown out of the hole while I was waiting to hit my approach. Craziest thing I have ever seen.
I dropped my Odyssey 2-ball blade for a Cleveland VP-09 blade just over a year ago and love it.  The two ball really helped with my alignment but I'd lost all feel for speed (I think because of the weight).  I went from a 35" with the 2-ball to a 33" with the VP-09.  Much better on speed/touch/feel.  The built-in alignment aids on the VP-09 are suttle but really seem to work for me.  Actually, had one of my best putting days in years on Saturday.  Sunk one 25' putt (1st...
LOL!  Love it.
Their website lists a NC address.  They also specifically stocking a "warehouse of stuff" that they sell one item/day at a time.  Shotly has stated they have no inventory.   Strange thing is I usually like the stuff I see on Shotly.com more than NailedItGolf.com.  This was the first time I purchased from either.  And the last from Shotly.
Dunno but I got hit up by an email from them recently too.  Don't remember exactly when but had never heard of them before.
Just caught this thread.  Here's what I put on their FB page.  They deleted the middle part with the reference to naileditgolf.com.   ------------------------ My grab bag finally arrived (ordered 9/9, shipped 9/26, arrived 9/29). I'm with Drew, Steve and Greg below. I didn't "old" I just got crap. I got an "I Gotcha" ball retriever. Sure it was risk but the problem is the $25+$5 s/h I paid would cover ALL the major internet retailers prices for this item. So I top...
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