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I thought about getting the pursuit c510s... my game isn't good enough right now for me m510s but the custom fitting is good and you get a nice bag with a purchase over $300... so I'd be will to maybe pick up a set
I am trying to complete my 2 sets of Tour Edge irons: My V-Blade irons are missing the 1-iron and SW, and my Exotics CN C forged are missing the 2-iron and the SW... if you have any of these and are willing or looking to sell the individual irons let me know a decent price I am a buyer... 7.5+ out of 10 would be appreciated... PM me or respond in thread... $30 or less would be good Thanks, Shane
Actually was thinking about the super stroke fatso 5.0... or maybe getting the heavy putter I do get a little wrist action in my putting stroke at times... anyway to combat that until I attain a super stroke grip?
Like I said put him on conditional status or probation and allow him to come back... he has paid his dues and apologized and made big changes in his life... 25 years is a long time... time for parole... give him a chance... I think he can go manage like a Venezuelan or Dominican Winter League team... because they have no affiliation with MLB I believe... I think the new commissioner should allow him a chance to prove he's changed...
I hope the new commissioner will really look into reinstating Pete Rose into the game... even if that he is on probation for 1-3 years... maybe keep him off of the ballot his first year after reinstatement but put him on the ballot after... he's apologized and made a huge change in his life, it's about Damn time Pete Rose gets into the Hall of Fame...
Yes I have but I'm a cook... can't afford 270, for a driver or 150 for the 3-wood as I have a daughter... I for the most part buy my club used or occasionally will by a new one on clearance but like $100 is the most I can spend on a new single club
I'm getting older... and it's been hurting me to swing as hard as necessary... I'm actually a 12.4 now I just haven't updated it in a while... Inconsistent Driver yes... I hit my 17 degree straight as an arrow 220-225 ish... So a 14-degree would go like maybe 240 ish right? The longest par four at Newman is 450... could it work while I go take a lesson on my driver?
If someone knows what the hell they're doing is it worth the custom fee yes... can the local shop do it, maybe... if they are an authorized dealer then you should be fine getting it bent locally because if it is an authorized dealer, if they mess up it doesn't void the warranty
I have absolutely terrible luck with my 4 wood anymore and I never hit my 3-iron and rarely hit my 4-iron should I get more hybrids or just leave it alone? As a side note struggling with wedges a bit, distance control mostly... but I digress... I was thinking of getting a 14° hybrid to use as a "Driver" and my 17° hybrid as my fairway wood... then get like a 21 or 22° hybrid and dump the 3-iron, Then go 4-PW, 52°, 58°, putter
Shot 46-49=95 in the qualifying round at Newman for the City Tournament... hit it my normal low to mid 80s quality... but had 3 triples and a quad... 10 over the other 14... so I fell to first flight where I lost 2 and 1 yesterday because of two o.b. balls on 15 (hit it literally 1 inch out) and 17... which I guess I wasn't ready for... made a fighting 6 but to a bogey 5
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